Some notes on beef flavor

There’s a new page on the site called The flavour of beef which outlines some of the research on grass-fed beef and even has the feature of using the British spelling of the word flavour. Don’t say we’re not customer-focused here on the farm! [Darn, focused has the US spelling.]

Here is the first beef from the farm going in the fry pan. It’s a t-bone steak, a cut you never find in France. In French terms it is a cut of the filet and the faux-filet (or contre-filet if you are Parisian) leaving the t-bone joining them.

There’s a happy consequence of this event. At the supermarket we can pass the meat counter and dream of the tastier beef at home! In about four weeks we’ll have the first of the farm’s well-aged beef to sell to hungry locals.

And the first cut of lucerne hay is baled.


6 thoughts on “Some notes on beef flavor

  1. Terry Hanold says:

    Congrats on the first vintage of grasspunk beef! Must feel like a huge accomplishment

  2. bc says:

    Cecilia, I am happy about the hay. 87 300+kg round bales in the first cut. There’s even some oat hay in there for me to try out on the herd.

  3. bc says:

    Curious, thanks. We had low expectations and were surprised at the flavor. I think all this time eating the flavorless alternative has heightened our appreciation.

  4. bc says:

    Terry, it is quite a milestone. Even more important will be the first beef sales in about four weeks.

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