Hay bales, fence post and ZQ

[This is an old post I found in my drafts folder, but I like the photos so I figured I’d publish it as it is.]

Kids love hay bales. This is the second cut of lucerne hay from the Newman/Costanza fields and was super green.


This is border fence done the Gascon way with cut down old acacia vine posts and two steel electric wires. To be hard core the post would be about half the thickness, falling over and would only have a single wire, but we like to sleep at night. Behind are the sunflowers of one neighbor and the vines of another. You can see the single-wire perimeter fence in between.


ZQ and the Agricultrix checking out the mass of blackberries by the orchard. Jean sneaks out most mornings to spend some time chopping up blackberries before the family gets going. No baby, no husband, no big kids, just a pile of weeds and a brushcutter.


3 thoughts on “Hay bales, fence post and ZQ

  1. Susan Lea says:

    I know seeing all that hay just thrills your farmer’s heart! The French countryside is so beautiful! Your photo of vines and sunflowers reminds me of driving through the Plateau de Valensole with fields of golden wheat and lavender and occasionally some sunflowers.

    Do your blackberries fruit? Although I can see you have more than you need! 🙂 Herb has taken to bush-hogging patches of them in alternate years on our Alabama farm. They bear better when they come back, although I must admit we have way more than we can eat! Maybe Jean would like to come chop some of ours down when yours are gone.

  2. shredster says:

    The “Summer of George” is probably giving you a nice yield from Costanza field 🙂

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