On a cold and frosty morning

Roll out the hay, move the fence and watch them eat.


I could sleep in and miss these mornings.


The sun will warm up everything soon enough.


Your hands get cold, but rolling out the heavy bale provides plenty of heat.


Happy cows getting both hay and fresh grass.

4 thoughts on “On a cold and frosty morning

  1. bc says:

    Susan, we run black 25mm hose from the farmhouse all around the farm. It is all copied from the incomparable F. W. Owen: http://userpages.bright.net/~fwo/sub09.html

    I should reread his pages again, it has been a while. The water often freezes overnight and thaws during the day. If we’re going to get sub-zero days I empty the hose at night although they don’t happen very often.

    The farm is hilly enough that I can go to a low point and drain the hose, although I have forgotten a couple of times and had to drive around with a water tank in the back of the pickup to manually fill the cow water trough.

  2. bc says:

    Gordon, thanks. The little orange camera sits in my pocket and gets used whenever I get surprised by something interesting.

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