Sheep Grazing Gascon Style

Driving home the other day I passed some grazing sheep.


But there’s no fence there, I say to myself.


Well there is a Patou des Pyrenées`doing his guardian job, even if he looks a little scruffy.


Keep up the good work, dog.IMG_5785

I guess the sheep stay in because the food is better.

sheep on road

Well, apart from that spot in the ditch across the road.

3 thoughts on “Sheep Grazing Gascon Style

  1. Curiousfarmer says:

    That’s amazing! Is there a chance the whole flock escaped from somewhere, or did it look like planned grazing?
    I’m amazed at all the guys in my area that do winter grazing with their cattle with a single-strand electric fence next to busy roads.

  2. grasspunk says:

    It looked planned to me – there wasn’t a lot else out there. Single-strand electric is the standard perimeter fence out here. Often with step-in posts.

  3. Zephyr Hill says:

    When we lived in Provence, sometimes we’d see huge flocks of sheep grazing along the highway, although there was always a shepherd somewhere in sight. They still have the “transhumance” where the flocks graze their way from winter quarters to summer pasture, regardless of highways. We never actually saw them crossing the roads in our area because the highway speed limits were too fast, but we did when we were in the Cévennes. It’s really fascinating!

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