Grass-fed Beef

Grasspunk Mince, 5kg Carton – 60€

Our mince is from the same cows as our steaks. This beef is born, raised and finished in our pastures on our grass and legumes. These mince patties make excellent steak haché, bolognese sauce, mince on toast or for those times when you just want a giant egg burger.

Superpunk Box, 4kg Carton – 80€

Supergrass beef is from cows that have been self-weaned instead of being weaned young. These have been drinking grass-fed milk until the mother cow said, “Enough!” With the extra goodness of a 100% grass diet supplemented with 100% grass-fed milk they do really well in flavor.

The beef is from our own cow type, a cross between Angus and Salers. This gives plenty of Angus tenderness as well as the old-style beef flavor of the Salers.

These Supergrass boxes contain rib steaks, t-bones and rumps. This beef has been dry-aged for three weeks in the butcher’s cool room.

Super Value, 4kg Carton -65€

During the Winter months we offer more roasts and slow-cooked meals. The Winter Box and its mix of good winter beef. The idea is that you can have a range of different meals over a couple of weeks. 

  • 1kg topside roast
  • 1kg steak cubes
  • 1kg nice steaks

Steak Cubes, 1kg packs – 14€/kg

These are big cubes cut from the muscles that usually make steaks or roasts, so they are clean and tender and a bit fancy. These are perfect for goulasch, chili or curries or other faster cooking dishes.

Other Beef Items

  • Stew beef – 10€/kg
  • Farmer cuts – 15€/kg
  • Brisket in 2kg and 4kg sizes – 12€/kg
  • Liver – 10€/kg
  • Ox Tail – 10€/kg
  • Tongue – 6€/kg
  • Heart – 6€/kg
  • Kidneys – 6€/kg

Filet is sold separately – 35€/kg