How to buy beef and chicken

Any of these will work:

If you’ve not heard from us, check junk mail and commerce folder.

We sell grass-fed beef and pastured chicken every two weeks.

We sell out quickly, so respond by email right away to get your order in!

Pick up your order on the Farm in Courrensan ( Gers )  or …

We deliver farm fresh beef and chicken to these spots:

  • Colomiers / L’isle Jordain / Gimont / Auch
  • Bordeaux / Damazan
  • Condom / Mouchan / Gondrin / Eauze
  • Marciac / Aignan / Vic Fezensac

7 thoughts on “How to buy beef and chicken

  1. nicolargi says:

    Hi guys!

    I just found your website and what looks like awesome grass-fed meat!

    We are in the north of France and although fresh fish is flowing around here, grass-fed beef is nowhere to be found.

    Do you have any plans for delivery with ice packs in the near future? We would absolutely love to try your meat and order on a regular basis.

    If we drive around the area we will make sure to visit anyway !

    All the best for the future of your exploitation,

    Nico and Martha

  2. Thomas De Smet says:

    I have the same question. I live in Belgium. Have you guys looked in in shipping meat on dry Ice ?


  3. Daniele Lamberski says:

    Hello guys,
    I would love to be able to buy some of your grass-fed meats, how far are you from the Centre of Toulouse? Im afraid I may be a bit too far from you.;-(..If you guys come near by for a delivery or decide to ship, I’m definitely interested in making an order.
    What an amazing and hard work. Congratulations!!!

  4. J. Marchant says:

    I would also love to buy from you, was so excited to find your site then decimated to realise I couldn’t purchase 😕
    If you ever deliver to Sarlat-La-Caneda, dordogne, please do let me know.
    Merci, Josephine

  5. grasspunk says:

    Greetings, thank you for your nice comment. We do have a friend who lives in Sarlat who could possibly bring somehting back next time he visits but I have no idea when that would be. We also sometimes ship but have had issues with the reliability of shippers so we aren’t keen to go that direction at the moment. Cheers, Brent.

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