Pastured Chicken

Poulet Fermier Chickens range from 2,2 – 3,0kg

Bulk Price ( 3 or more ) tbd

These are large, juicy chickens between 2 and 3kg in weight that gives a lot of tender meat. They are presented the poulet fermier way with the giblets inside and the neck and head attached. We wanted to produce a big family chicken with plenty of leg and plenty of breast meat to give a big meal with leftovers for sandwiches the next day and plenty of carcass to make soup the day after. Even the wings are worth fighting for.

We use a slow-growing type of chicken which gives lots of time for them to get the best out of our cow pastures. Their feed is supplemented with bugs and worms from the field, seeds and leaves from the lucerne and grasses. Tastes like chicken! 

Filet de Poulet 19,00€/kg

Cuisses de Poulet €/kg

Ailes de Poulet €/kg

Chicken Carcasses € a piece

Chicken Livers and Hearts 10,00€/kg

Gizzards 6,00€/kg