The last round of houses before the farm search – Courtyard House

The very last house we saw before moving to farms had a great courtyard. The house formed one side, and three barns formed the others. It was in a very quiet area in the southern Gers. This was before Minty started school so she came along, with Lamb.


court tunnel


There were vines and cornfields outside the property, which looked pretty in October. The farm came with a few hectares of cornfields but not the vines, which were kept with the owners other property.

The house layout was unusual for Gascony. The central corridor was there but it was longer than normal with three or four rooms each side. This made the long axis of the house run North-South rather then the usual East-West. The second floor of windows are in the attic – the same footprint as the entire ground floor but one huge room.

 court house


The courtyard looked great, but in hindsight I’d rather the kids were facing out towards the fields than in an enclosed courtyard.


court barn


This house faced had some water damage, but it was a colombage house – wood posts filled in with all sorts of junk. On one wall someone had stripped off the layers of wallpaper to check out the damage underneath and the wood was entirely rotted away. Maybe the damage was limited to one wall but the combination of the water risk plus the colombage interior walls put us off.


court wall


Nonetheless it was a pretty location, busy with the vendange. I hope someone bought this place, fixed the wet wall and raised a happy family there.


court back

2 thoughts on “The last round of houses before the farm search – Courtyard House

  1. Kenny Clark says:

    Like your site some interesting things we have a lot in common the way we think .
    Saler cows would be a good breed automatic calving very few vets bills good on grass great mothers,ancient breed and docile originated in the cantal region quite around here , like you I am trying to find my feet, as starting off again here just installed but not as young as you.
    Could I also get mark the spark to view my electrics ?
    If possible would be nice to meet sometime to pick your brain
    best regards

  2. bc says:

    Hello Kenny,

    Would be happy to chat, especially if coffee was involved. The Salers seem similar to the Gasconnes and Limousines, old races that are hardy and give birth well. If emotions ruled I’d get Gasconnes because they are friendly and beautiful, but I need to know there’s a market for the veal and for finished cattle.

    Where are you? We’re in the NW Gers.

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