And now a tractor – a Renault 90-34 TX

Adding to my collection of 4wd yellow vehicles with under a hundred horsepower, here is my Renault 90-34 TX from some time in the late 80s/early 90s with a lot of hours and a good loader. It is clean and seems to run well.



It has three leaks to fix at some point soon, which means I have to learn more about hydraulics.

The presence of a tractor on the farm means it is time for kid joyrides!


10 thoughts on “And now a tractor – a Renault 90-34 TX

  1. lourenz brunt says:

    allo allo,

    how are you all, looks great the new tractor,

    what i learned about hydrolics ths week from our neighbour is that you must know what kind of oil there is in the “system” because you can’t mix two different oils but maybe you already know.

    Dutch Love from all of us to all of you bye bye

  2. Wes cherry says:

    I’m calling Orange!

    You are gonna love the enclosed cab if it is at all dusty when you are working the fields. Does it have A/c?

    Elevated exhaust stack also good. Mine just Plops it out right near the side of the engine. As a result going upwind can be quite unpleasant.

    And get ready for incessant tractor ride requests!

  3. Shwanton says:

    So cool Brent san. Love that traktor! I remember almost rolling the Kubota I was driving when I was on the horse farm over there. I’m thinking about heading to France this summer (after the heat wave), so leave some work for me to do! Cheers,


    PS. Say hi to your family (Hi Lucy!)…

  4. bc in France says:

    Wes, I want a tractor without a cab for the second one. Probably a little guy with 60-70hp. It will run the tedder (which Jean calls the fluffer) and have no loader and be way cheap.

    But where are your blog updates? You need to get photos up there, man! I bet I am looking in the wrong places.

  5. bc in France says:

    Shawn, you are most welcome whenever you want. There will always be somewhere for you to stay.

    And the little news of the evening is we have some chickens. The mayor gave us a couple and they are clucking away in their pen.

    And I think I bought a cow, four 2yo heifers and a baby calf about an hour old (came with the cow). The reason I say “I think” is because I made an offer and I think he accepted but he was so excited with the birth that he spoke a little fast for me to fully understand. The locals have quite an accent. These are the Mirandaise in that post a few back.

  6. Wes Cherry says:


    Here’s a start we made at a blog. it hasn’t been updated in a bit
    We aren’t fully happy with the Vashon Ciderworks name (there is a Vashon Winery that also produces a cider), so are trying to come up with a new name.

    I like Avalon Cider(works), but Laura doesn’t. Avalon is the mythical isle where apples grow year around.

    Another thought is Dragon’s Head Cider, named after the 100 headed dragon that guarded the Apple orchards Hesperides of

    fwiw, my John Deer 4100 series, 43 hp tractor has been just fine for any of the tasks I have asked of it. I do wish it was heavier as I’m limited by traction, not HP.


  7. stuck says:

    Congrats on all your new machinery, and your new chickens and cows 🙂
    It’s great to see all the progress.

    Sarah & SDC

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