Elfie, the Mirandaise heifer

We now have five Mirandaise heifers (genisses) on the farm. They’ve been here a week and are settling in well. Jean, Lucy and I have been spending time with them, feeding them, talking to them and giving the occasional treat of triticale flour.

Elfie is Lucy’s favorite. She is always the most desperate to eat. She craves attention. She wanders up to strangers. She’s also the smallest of the two-year-olds and the bottom of the pecking order. (Grazing order?)

Here’s a photo of Elfie on her previous farm (with some Limousines in the background).


mir elf


Yesterday there was a very strong wind that broke an old piece of wire holding one of the courtyard fences shut, so the cows went out for a walk. I ran out with a pot of flour and thanks to her Golden-Retriever-like drive to eat, Elfie trotted after me. The other four followed her back to see what they were missing. Here is Jean’s take on it.

This morning I showed the cows to yet another neighbor visitor – they all want to check out the Americans with their old-school Gers cows. Elfie wandered up and said hello, impressing the neighbor with her calmness and curiosity.

Thanks Elf.

4 thoughts on “Elfie, the Mirandaise heifer

  1. Josh Goodspeed says:

    I love it. Ok, I am not going to lie: Jean’s story is more entertaining!

  2. Susan Lea says:

    Elfie is gorgeous and the name really suits her. She is absolutely elfin-looking! We’re starting to farm in Northwest Georgia, but we lived in Southern France for 11 years, so I’m happy to have discovered your blog. Cows are the same all the world over!

  3. bc in France says:

    Susan, where did you live in France? How does it compare to rural Georgia? I’m checking out the blog now.

    Elfie came named, but Jean-Claude did a good job with the names. All cows born in 2009 have names starting with an E. I’m not sure if this is France-wide or Gers-wide, but it is the rule here.

    So we have (in herd rank order): Etamine, Elite, Elusa, Elfie and Fevette.

    Etamine is the boss, but Elfie is the lead cow when it comes to food. When we start moving the cows around the paddocks I’m hoping Elfie will take the lead.

    We’re closing on getting a bunch more little heifers and a few old cows to run the herd. The breed will be the main breed for the farm and is the Salers.

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