Random animal photos

Heifers on heat. In the absence of a bull, they’re nuzzling. And treading on some nice lucerne.



Barn kittens dominating the food and pushing out Legend the pup. They growl when they eat and are known as the piranhas. Legend gets his own back later. All the kittens end up chewed and saliva-dampened at some point.



Seventy-Eight investigating the camera. The pinkish area at the base of the horns is new growth. They’re all growing new horn material fast at the moment. It might be all the high-protein lucerne they are eating. It is totally confusing me since I use horn size and color as part of cow identification.



A yellow spotted turtle decided to go for a walk away from its home lake out through the Detroit paddock. He’s a bit muddy but you can still see the yellow spots on his legs. Apparently they make good pets and can live forty years. We left this guy out strolling, maybe we’ll see him again.


2 thoughts on “Random animal photos

  1. Susan Lea says:

    Those Mirandaises are SO beautiful! They captivate me the same way Jerseys do. I love our Dexters, but they definitely don’t have the looks of your Mirandaises!

    Is Legend a Great Pyrenees? We just brought home a female Pyr today and named her Mistral, Misty for short. Since my little Sheltie is Zephyr, it seemed appropriate to name our future big girl Mistral! Poor thing, she’s out whining and crying in her crate in the barnyard. 😦

  2. bc says:

    The Mirandaises are so curious and friendly, especially Elfie who demands attention at the worst of times. But they do a good job of leading the group to new pasture when I open fences or lead them across the farm.

    Legend is indeed a Great Pyrenees, although they call them a Patou around here. I saw the photos of Misty, she’s one gorgeous girl. The farmers here put them out with the sheep at four weeks, but we are using him as a guardian for the farm. He doesn’t come inside – he prefers to sleep among the wine barrels Jean grows tomatoes in. Legend has been missing his litter mates but now he’s 12 weeks he’s a lot happier and having fun chasing the chickens and chewing the kittens.

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