3 thoughts on “Farming awareness, French style

  1. Susan Lea says:

    That’s SO cool! Even color-coordinated! By the way, the last post of yours that showed up on my feed was the one about making alfalfa hay. I was wondering what had happened to you all and was just thinking of sending you an email to see if all was well. Then this post popped up today–and I see there are a whole bunch that I missed. I have no idea what happened to my feed, but I’m going to go back and catch up on your news. Even if you weren’t gone, welcome back! 🙂 On my computer, at least!

  2. bc in France says:

    Hello Susan, what happened was we were very busy with hay making and fence building that I didn’t get around to posting. In other words, I was a little bit lazy. You saw a few in a row because I figured out my photo system, finished some fencing and started writing again.

  3. jose gpe lopez says:

    hola ..saludos solo para decirles ke me gusta mucho su blog…,,,yo vivo en la ciudad de nava coahuila ..mexico y tengo un terreno de 4 hectareas…. pero es muy diferente a ustedes …me gusta ver el tour de francia ..por las vistas ke salen en la tv de los lugares muy hermosos …muy verde todo… y sabado mire el tour …y salen unas vacas con los colores de francia…ok bueno saludos y los vioy a estar al pendiente de lo ke escriben….

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