Grazing and Bud links

Abe Collins on Tall Grazing. We’re trying this out and seeing how it works out here where the climate is a little dry.

Greg Judy on Mob Grazing. We need more cows.

We’re figuring out how we want to process cattle. Minimizing stress is a requirement – I’m not impressed with all the cow hitting I see out here. I’m liking the idea of a Bud Box. (Named after Bud Williams.)

Here’s an awesome design with a Bud Box from North Dakota State University.

Here’s a fine video from Daniels Manufacturing of a Bud Box in action. BC is officially jealous.

2 thoughts on “Grazing and Bud links

  1. bizzyella says:

    Oh, no, I’m headed down the slippery slope. When I started following your blog it was to figure out what you were thinking, going out there in the countryside like that. Now I follow what you and Jean and the kids are up to because it looks way cool.

    So will you get a horse, now?

  2. bc says:

    I need to post more about the crappy things and the things that go wrong! I have one post in mind but I forgot to take a photo.

    No horse in the near future. Someone in the family has to show some motivation to get one, and it isn’t going to be me or Jean. We’re more likely to get pigs, goats or sheep than a horse. In fact, we’re more likely to get more cows and then some more cows.

    If one of the kids really wants a horse then they’ll need to prove they can look after it and that would take a few years. We certainly have the feed and the stabling for something equine!

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