Reworking the cowshed – demolition time

We’re building some new pens inside the old cow courtyard. The first phase is to get rid of the old parts we no longer need.

This is going to be the alley with a bud box at the far end. This end is an entry point but is also a shelter for cows we want to keep inside. It had a similar role in the old design. There’s a small chute off the far end but we aren’t going to use that since it is too short and too wide. The cows hated to go into the chute. The heifers can turn around in it.


This is the same alley, but at this angle you can see the old stone barn hidden inside. Now the rotting wooden barriers are down the old barn is a lot more visible. A couple of the roof joists need replacing but overall the roof is worth keeping.


Some of the fine construction on the cowshed. This post was hanging off the cross beam, which was hanging off the various vertical boards forming the gable end. These boards were all hanging off the roof joist.


Given that everything is hanging off the roof joist it isn’t easy to prop a ladder anywhere stable. So out comes the backhoe with its handy bucket to stand in.


It is fun being up in the bucket. Here’s the view down. The rear stabilizer feet are extended to hold it steady.


Standing up there allows me to rip down all the trash.


It is nice to open up the end. The light will help draw the cows into the bud box and also allows us an exit into the paddock outside.

The next step is to finish the list of parts we need and put in our order for new barriers.

3 thoughts on “Reworking the cowshed – demolition time

  1. Susan Lea says:

    So glad you’re making your barn stable. 🙂 Seriously, that is a fabulous old stone barn! So great that you have a vision to adapt it to your purposes.

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