That’s not a flat, that’s a blowout

I was just about finished rolling the Nebraska paddock with the cultipacker when the tractor lurched to the left and started sliding sideways down the hill. Ah, a flat. My bicycle puncture repair kit wasn’t up to this job.


The man at the local shop came out in his van and changed out the front tires. The new one is chunky.


The cultipacker is this thing:


It rolls and makes little furrows which improves soil-seed contact. I’ve been using it in the Nebraska paddock because there were a few places with big clods of hard clay and the cultipacker has done an excellent job of smoothing things out for seeding lucerne.

One thought on “That’s not a flat, that’s a blowout

  1. Susan Lea says:

    No kidding, that’s no mere flat! Of course it happened on a hill! I’m know you’re younger and braver than me, but “sliding sideways down the hill” does not sound good to me! Our hills are so steep, I always let my husband drive the tractor on them.

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