Some photos from the week on the farm

As always, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Note the vines in the background.

Otto went on a week-long school trip to the coast, a big deal when you are only seven years old. The teachers said this helps expand the kids’ horizons. They learn that there are places in the world without vineyards.


The tractor tires are so new you can still read the size on the tread. [Note US spelling of ‘tyres’.]


Cow 57 is known as ‘Old Cow’ although she’s not quite the oldest. She’s the new lead cow and is very good at her job, leading the herd to the new day’s strip of grass when I call.


The crop of lucerne doesn’t have many grasses in it, which is unusual for a first cut of such an old seeding. Maybe the February snows held back the annual grasses? Still there are plenty of nice dandelions to add to the mix.


There’s been progress on the new cattle yards. The posts are mostly in and concreted, now we wait a week for them to cure before putting the barriers up.


I finally figured out the little macro button on the camera so here’s a little grasshopper eating the lucerne. Hey man, don’t eat too much. That’s cow food.


2 thoughts on “Some photos from the week on the farm

  1. Jean Curtis says:

    I can’t believe that cow!!!! I’ve never seen them kneel to get over-the-fence grass.

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