What do Condé Nast, BritMom, Cotswold Seeds and Steers have in common?

A: They’re all on our latest page of links.

Kate Hill of Kitchen at Camont is featured in the latest Condé Nast Traveler in an article on Gascony. Gascony is very much a foodie heaven and Kate is part of that.

And more local foodie news as Anneli Faiers of Delicieux won the BritMom Brilliance in Blogging award in the Food category. Well done Anneli! Check out her burgers and veal made with some tasty looking grass-fed beef.

Here is Ian Wilkinson of Cotswold Seeds talking about the variety of grasses in pastures. What entertains me in this video is the type of plants they show in the pastures that also grow naturally here on our farm.

We get chicory, red clover, ryegrass, cocksfoot, birdsfoot trefoil, narrow-leaf plantain, timothy, vetch and fescue all increasing as the soil fertility increases. The diversity of plants lets the self-regulate their food needs as they choose what they want to eat.

It is a good video that has a lot in common with what we do here. Overall, there are a lot of interesting videos on Pasture Promise TV.

And finally some young steers getting fat on the farm.




Every day as I move the herd it is fun to check on these boys getting fatter.

5 thoughts on “What do Condé Nast, BritMom, Cotswold Seeds and Steers have in common?

  1. grasspunk says:

    One (the black) is a 2yo and is due to head out for an August sale and the others are 1yos but are growing so well we’re going to try one out for Sep/Oct timeframe. .

  2. mimiswardrobe says:

    I agree, nice-looking steers! Do you castrate them yourselves or get the vet? What method do you use? I’m thinking about the options if our next calf is a bull . . . but I’ll most probably wimp out and get the vet!

  3. grasspunk says:

    These guys were castrated late at 8-12 months by the vet. Late castration is common here.

    This year’s crew get the orange froot loop on day one but we’ve had nearly all girls and only a handful of boys, three of which are going off as veal later this year.

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