You picked a fine time to eat my lucerne

The lucerne in the Vila paddock is doing well. This plant has buds, or as the French say, boutons [buttons].


The orchard grass that was plentiful at the time of the first grazing is far more subdued in the summer heat, but there’s still a seed head or two out there with the occasional other random grass.


And some little snails.


It looks perfect for haying.



The first flowers are coming through.


Which means it is great for feeding finishing animals, like this steer:


And lactating cows:


We graze our lucerne pastures in summertime because they give great forage to finish beef at a time when regular pastures are lower in quality.

A fine time to eat the lucerne!

2 thoughts on “You picked a fine time to eat my lucerne

  1. Christiaan Pistorius says:

    Afternoon i saw your pics and just wanted to know if your animals dont bloat

  2. grasspunk says:

    Hey Christiaan, thanks for the question. We’ve never had bloat in three years of grazing lucerne/alfalfa but I was pretty nervous the first year. I’m guessing there are two main reasons:

    1) I wait until the first flowers before putting the cows in. There was some Canadian study over many farms and years that showed lucerne in flower doesn’t cause bloat. So far that agrees with results here.

    2) There’s grass in there with the lucerne which lowers risk too, although with these second grazings and later the grass percentage is way lower. .

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