2 thoughts on “Why did we move to a pony country?

  1. mimiswardrobe says:

    France is a wonderful country for learning to ride. That’s where my three girls and I first had riding lessons (although we’d been riding cow horses out in Texas for years). I love the French system of “gallops.” People here say, “I can ride,” and they may not even know how to get up on a horse. (I had that experience when I took a supposed horse wrangler to ride on one of my horses!) But if they learned to ride in France you just ask how many “gallops” they have, and you have a very clear idea of whether they can just about sit a walking horse or whether they can actually jump!

    Lucy, I’m with you–I always wanted a pony! But until you talk your parents into one, here’s an idea:

    Don’t tell them who gave you the idea, though! 🙂

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