You say Lucerne, I say Alfalfa

Our cattle pastures are looking better and better as the years pass, so we figured that chickens would like to get a piece of the action too.

chooks n cows

One of the special things we grow is lucerne (or alfalfa or luzerne) and it turns out that chickens love lucerne.

chook lucerne

They are all out browsing every day. Not only do they scratch in the dirt and eat the bugs but they eat the lucerne leaves.

In a similar way to pastured beef, the rich and varied diet of the chicken adds to its flavor. But still there are chickens who think the lucerne is greener on the other side of the fence.

chook grass is greener

4 thoughts on “You say Lucerne, I say Alfalfa

  1. Roger du Barry says:

    Back in Blighty, temps are literally half, at 21 degrees C today, but it felt warm. Still thinking of that burger! What kind of hens have the blue legs Brent?

  2. Roger du Barry says:

    Found another South African grass punk called Ian Mitchell-Innes. Linked to him from an American guy surnamed Judy via Youtube. Worth a listen.

  3. Brent Curtis says:

    Hello Roger, Poule de Bresse hens have the blue legs.

    Greg Judy is good. I’ve got a couple of his books. I should have showed you my library when you were here. His Facebook isn’t bad [Green Pastures Farm], but his talks are probably the best.

    I have listened to a Ian MItchell-Innes a bit but not as familiar.

  4. Zephyr Hill says:

    However you say it, the chickens obviously love it as much as the cattle do! I’m glad things are going so well for you. We’re in an extreme drought, over 12.5″ short for the year so far, and we’ve been feeding hay for 3 months. We just recently got a bit of rain and have been able to put the cattle out on pasture, but the poor horses either eat hay or get to graze in the front yard a bit.

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