Heifer Good Weekend

This is a set of heifers that are fattening up over the next few months. Most are dairy crosses but they’re all great at eating grass. We have a few paddocks set aside for them and they rotate through every  5 or 6 weeks eating fresh grass every day and putting on weight fast.

lake emerson heifers

I like how you can see the wake of the cows through the tall grass behind them. I was setting up the water tank in their new paddock but they couldn’t resist but come and eat by me while I worked. That’s the bottom of the California paddock and behind them is a pond we call Lake Emerson. It was one of the few areas of the farm that was in native pasture when we bought this place ten years ago so it is very rich with organic matter and regrows fast.

Here’s another photo taken about the same time but instead of posing for the camera they are munching away, heads down.

heads down

This crew are very friendly and they always seem to bunch up. Heifers aren’t as confident wandering around without the herd as the older cows are.

4 thoughts on “Heifer Good Weekend

  1. Michael Ransome says:

    I guess you have probably been asked this many times, but I am not sure of the answer.

    Are your cattle raised for beef, male of female?


  2. grasspunk says:

    We use both. The males are steers, the females are heifers. The heifers finish a little younger than the steers. Right now we’ve been doing a run of 2018 steers but i have a few fall 2018 heifers coming through.

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