Cows eat chicory flowers

I posted a photo of chicory flowers the other day just before I moved the herd in. When chicory gets to this stage the stems become fibrous and far less palatable to the cows.

A day later I moved the herd out of here and on to the next paddock, which lets you see what the cows ate of the overly-mature chicory.

You can see the cow herd has moved on to the paddock to the left but they have decimated the chicory flowers. Most of the stems are still there but few flowers remain.

One thought on “Cows eat chicory flowers

  1. jbd222 says:

    I wonder why you have so much chicory in that area….i want to say it’s due to soil compaction but this plant seems to thrive in many different conditions….i think i need to pay attention to where I see it creeping up the year after disturbances…my cattle only eat them at certain times too

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