All Enzo’s calves are black

We started using Angus bulls a few years ago. It’s the number one cow breed for grass-fed beef so we wanted to give it a try. We started with Angus bulls and have now added a set of Angus cows to the herd so we get some Angus-Salers cross calves and some pure Angus calves.

Our Angus bull, Enzo, is homozygous black.

Enzo the bull

This means Enzo has both copies of the gene that determines the color of a cow set to black, therefore every calf that is born with Enzo as the sire has at least one copy of the black hair color gene. Since black is dominant and red is recessive it means all of Enzo’s calves are black.

One Step Beyond, Petit Gaucher, Pon Pon, Reuptake and Pringle

Now I don’t really care if calves are black or red. There’s no goal for purity here, we are just figuring out what system works best for us. So far the F1 Anguses, those calves with a Salers mother and an Angus father, make fantastic beef animals and seem to be good mothers, too.

2 thoughts on “All Enzo’s calves are black

  1. Dave Perozzi says:

    Nice looking calves. I’m not an Angus-purist either, but… We’ve tried a lot of other breeds and we’ve been most happy with the Angus cattle, especially ones that come from herds where the owners are looking for some of the same attributes we are (docility, growth on grass).

  2. grasspunk says:

    They seem to be working out so far. The F1 crosses with Salers are meaty, but the pures are better behaved. There are not a lot of Angus herds around here in SW France which is why I brought in some Irish cows, but the numbers are increasing.

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