What every house needs: 3-Phase Power in the Kitchen and a Party Room

I took a closer look at the farmhouse kitchen yesterday, checking out the power situation. There are a couple of 3-phase outlets there. Woo!




Why is this important? So I can run something like this:




and this:




With so many cafes closing down in France there’s a ready supply of second-hand restaurant equipment. A good, fast dishwasher is cheap but it needs 3-phase power. We can always get 3-phase wired in when we get electrical work done, but it is cool that they are already there. I don’t know if they actually work or are wired in safely, but at least the outlets look macho. Five pins!

We also got to look in the ‘Party Room’. Up until now we never had the key so we could only look through the window. Once inside, the room looked so much bigger. Beside the bar it had a kitchen that we hadn’t noticed before. (With 3-phase power!)




And at the other end was a giant fireplace. I love the crazy paving floor. The room was huge, just right for a full size snooker table.




And look, Michael Williams snuck in to the photo. He distracts from the atrocious wagon wheel light fittings.

4 thoughts on “What every house needs: 3-Phase Power in the Kitchen and a Party Room

  1. Deb says:

    A party room? Now you are talking! Love the floor too. Nobody will notice the wagon wheels once you have the mirror ball spinning, and anyway they’ll be snapped up at your next garage sale very quickly. That bar can do nicely as a DJ desk. Lots of room on those shelves for all your vinyl, and the kitchen would be fine for any decent catering crew. Forget the snooker table, unless it is one you can fold down and stow away under a bed somewhere. You and Jean have done well.

  2. brentcu says:

    I think it was originally a tasting room for the Armagnac winery. There are big industrial room heaters in there (the black cubes in the corners). It is going to be too cold in winter to get regular use, but for 8 months of the year it will make a fine party room.

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