Project Tidy


One of the first farm projects is Project Tidy. This involves cleaning out the trash on the farm, and there’s a lot of it. It’s going to take months to get most of it gone. There are old kitchen units here, but we’ll keep the lockers.



The salle de degustation (tasting room) had a collection of broken old chairs, fluoro tubes and other random trash.



Old clothes and shoes, too, but nothing of value. This isn’t vintage excellence but vintage garbage.



And old broken stoves, broken and rusted tractor pumps, random household trash, the toilet I removed a few weeks back, more dead chairs and what looks to be a set of ancient elevator gates.

Sometimes logic fails me when looking at this. Keeping old angle iron around I get, but there is an amazing collection of rubbish gathered as though it had value.



It isn’t all bad. That table above has some utility, and these polystyrene sheets have been co-opted into Project Warm. Surely I will find great uses for these empty oil bottles. And we can redo the kitchen with this salvaged material. Hold on, maybe I’ve got it all wrong. I’m off to empty the truck and save all these valuable items.

In other news our sitcom neighbor is installed! Michael has moved into the villa. 



This is great news for Smeggs as she now has a new house to go and visit.


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