Cow move and links

We moved our Mirandaise heifers away from the pens out to some good grass. They’d had several days to adjust to getting green stuff in their diet, we’ll see how they cope with longer grass.



Jean has the full story.


In other links:

  • Salatin’s Tall Grass Mob Stocking was an interesting read. I’d come across this idea of letting grass get way long before grazing other places. Perhaps the most interesting part was Salatin saying that his old system was wrong, and now he does tall grazing. It can’t be easy for someone who has written a book on cow farming to say his old system was bunk.
  • Throwback at Trapper Creek has a long list of interesting farming titles on her bookshelf.
  • The visiting crop specialist from a local ag store dropped by and recommended pearl millet for a summer forage crop. I’m looking at seeding something on a hectare or two for a summer graze mostly as an insurance for droughts. I need to try a few things in the early years. Forage sorghum is the other summer grazing crop I hear about from locals, although nobody thinks of grazing corn.
  • I want a fence compass!
  • Zephyr Hill Farm has a nice post about mounting a auger to dig a post hole.


Tosca likes to look for rabbits and hares in the grass. I doubt she’s caught anything in the five months we’ve been here, but she does keep trying.


3 thoughts on “Cow move and links

  1. bc in France says:

    The trouble is that level of grass growth is only on a few parts of the farm. The rest is very overgrazed. I can probably get two weeks or so out of the super-lush pieces with the full herd (25 animals now). I’m thinking that is enough time to get the next best paddock up to a level where I don’t mind putting the cows on.

    On the plus side the luzerne [alfalfa] paddocks are doing well. The luzerne is 4-6 inches high at the moment.

    There are some paddocks that have barely moved since winter.

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