Morning Mirandaise

The five Mirandaise heifers spent their first night outside, so I went to check on them in the morning. They were looking just fine.



The grass is getting eaten. 



They came when called.



Elfie wanted a brush. The cows are molting and as you brush them the winter fur just falls off.



Tosca was out looking for rabbits, as usual.


7 thoughts on “Morning Mirandaise

  1. Krystel says:

    Looks like a lovely morning! Your cows are so cute. 🙂 How do you call the cows over? I imagine it’s not, “Ici, vachons!”

  2. bc in France says:

    Well, here they use a Gascon call that goes something like ‘sai sai sai’. I use it sometimes, but I’ve been training them to ‘cow cow’. When I move them to a new paddock I am using a whistle but they don’t need any encouragement.

  3. Jaygo says:

    Brent, are you planning to get more Mirandaise? Are you going to add other breed beyond these and the Salars?

  4. bc in France says:

    Hey Josh, no we’re not adding another breed. We’re essentially a Salers farm with a few Mirandaise to help safeguard the race. The Salers tasted the best so we bought them. We need to get some Salers photos up. Jean has a few on Brat Like Me.

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