Morning Mirandaise

The five Mirandaise heifers spent their first night outside, so I went to check on them in the morning. They were looking just fine.



The grass is getting eaten. 



They came when called.



Elfie wanted a brush. The cows are molting and as you brush them the winter fur just falls off.



Tosca was out looking for rabbits, as usual.


7 responses to “Morning Mirandaise

  1. Looks like a lovely morning! Your cows are so cute. 🙂 How do you call the cows over? I imagine it’s not, “Ici, vachons!”

  2. Well, here they use a Gascon call that goes something like ‘sai sai sai’. I use it sometimes, but I’ve been training them to ‘cow cow’. When I move them to a new paddock I am using a whistle but they don’t need any encouragement.

  3. Brent, are you planning to get more Mirandaise? Are you going to add other breed beyond these and the Salars?

  4. Hey Josh, no we’re not adding another breed. We’re essentially a Salers farm with a few Mirandaise to help safeguard the race. The Salers tasted the best so we bought them. We need to get some Salers photos up. Jean has a few on Brat Like Me.

  5. I LOVE the photo of the girls in the morning. such a great photo that you took.

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