First calf born on the farm – a little Salers

This little one was just born. The mother cow, known as Big Cow, is the chief of the herd. She has been cleaning up her little one. It’s about thirty minutes old at this point. I’m keeping away and haven’t looked too close to figure out the sex.


baby 1


After a good wash it is time to try to stand up. The curious Mirandaise can’t help but check out the new one. I’m a little stressed they’re going to stand on her, but Big Cow does a good job pushing them away.


baby standing


Once standing is mastered, it is time to try feeding. You go, little one!




And there remain two pregnant girls who are getting close to term. Twistie looks so wide she might have twins.


baby next


And Latte likes a rest after carrying around the gestating calf. I like the line of long grass where the cows can’t reach under the fence. Always the grass is eaten the shortest right under the wire, since it is greener on the other side.


baby next 2

10 thoughts on “First calf born on the farm – a little Salers

  1. Mervyn Routledge says:

    The first of many I hope! I remember my first calf being born, unforgettable!

  2. Susan Lea says:

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting! I still remember how excited we were in November to find our little Dexter heifer. Those horns on Big Cow sure are useful for defending her little one!

  3. stuck says:

    Great to read about all these firsts – that’s a cute calf you’ve got there 🙂

  4. Kris says:

    How sweet is that! I just took two photos of a longhorn cow today while walking. She came right up to the fence and gave me a big wide smile. LOL I have noticed that a lot of cows eat close to the fences and I love the “grass is always greener on the other side. LOL

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