View from the office, Renault 90-34 tractor edition

Here’s the view as I was heading off to the Costanza paddock to cut some lucerne.




I’m one of those odd folk who look at the tiny details in photos. There’s a blue cow water trough used as a kid pool. A fancy backpacking tent used as a kid tent. And, of course, Rosebud the Hilux (cool, but not quite a rocket-launching technical). The tractor itself has instruments by Jaeger in a boxy 80s design. How cool is that? 




Mowing Costanza.




When you mow, you get lots of red kites out hunting. They swoop past the tractor searching for field mice.



4 thoughts on “View from the office, Renault 90-34 tractor edition

  1. Jean Curtis says:

    I really like the first-person shooter effect you have going with the photos. I feel a video game coming on …

  2. Tony says:

    I couldn’t find the 12-bore under ‘Farming Equipment’. This must be the European version and not one targeted at the US market, where I would demand being able to select an AK47 at a minimum

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