Water, weeds, death and hundreds of long trenches

The old vines are all removed. Now we have 12ha/25ac covered in long gouges. Here’s a photo of the California paddock sans vignes.





F. W. Owen has some excellent info on putting water lines out to the paddocks.

He also has an interesting comparison between high revenue/high costs farms and his low-cost system. We’re aiming at a low-cost model ourselves.

Matron of Husbandry has a good post on the sad event of finding a dead calf.

Illinois’s weed identification page and their list of spring weeds.

Low-stress livestock handling.


And another view of vine-free California, this time from the South.


4 thoughts on “Water, weeds, death and hundreds of long trenches

  1. Jean Curtis says:

    Once the grass is growing, it’ll be all Teletubbie. Actually, it’s almost a direct copy of Bliss, the Windows XP default wallpaper.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hey Brent-

    Wonderful to see the new pics and the progress. I’m hoping you will do a few posts on the reclamation of this field. Are you going to have it plowed and re-seeded? How have your neighbors historically managed after vine removal?


  3. bc says:

    Carolyn, I’m not decided on how to reclaim the vineyards. I could just let them grow, but I’d get a series of soft trenches where the vines were. So I thought I’d disc it a couple of times and see how that evens things out while leaving the plant material on the surface. But the neighbors are all adamant it will still be bumpy and I need to plow. So I might get someone to plow it (I won’t buy a plow since I don’t want to plow again).

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