Grapes and Blondes

There are plenty of volunteer grape vines growing on the trees. They are likely ugni blanc grapes, but I’m no vigneron.



Sitting on the ‘road’ at the edge of the property are a couple of lines of cuttings from the adjacent vineyard. There’s a cool piece of machinery that runs through the vines picking up the pruned stems and baling them. Don’t light a fire nearby.



A view back through the new parcel onto our farm. That’s the power supply to our farm and to the little hameau behind us.



Rosebud the Hilux parked on the border between the new parcel (left) and our farm. The mess on the right is a series of piles of vines as yet un-gathered into a vine mountain. The paddock called Colorado is in the background.



And here are some friendly neighborhood Blondes. They are sitting on a paddock that had been cut for hay and they are eating the regrowth. We haven’t had much rain this spring and so there hasn’t been much regrowth. But it is a big paddock and there are only six cows in there, walking around eating the short grass. Most farmers are feeding hay or haylage to their herds now.



The retired farmer who owns the barn in the background is an interesting guy. He talks about his father getting arrested by the Nazis in the war and held in jail for four years, but he doesn’t seem bitter. His father learned German and his son (the old boy) knows a few words and likes to sprinkle them into his French.

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