A prize Blond bull from across the road

Our neighbors Tom and Peter breed Blonde d’Aquitaines for reproduction. This is a tricky business where you sell not the meat but the animals capable of breeding to produce meat animals. You sell mother cows, bulls and bull semen with the genetic qualities that Blonde farmers want.

To promote their cows they use cattle shows. The biggest of the year is the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris and they took their young bull Disco.




He’s a big lad and weighed in at 1277 kg at the show. That’s 2800 lbs. A lot of beef. Blondes are well muscled animals with a low amount of skin and bone for their muscle weight so they render a lot of beef. When you are buying semen for your herd you want to see that the bull has good musculature. And Disco certainly does.




Disco took over the Paris show and won two prizes. Here are the news reports from the local papers, the Sud Ouest and La Depeche. They were given these nice plaques to hang on the barn wall.




They’ll go well with all their other prizes.




They’re also great neighbors.

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