Minty, Soccer Pitch, Disco

Minty helped me bring in some oat hay bales. She earned a sunflower for her work.


The herd is in Soccer Pitch eating lucerne. 


Disco, our neighbors prize Blond bull showing off his neck muscles. He’s out in their fields during the day and they bring him in at night to supplement his feed to get him in perfect condition for the next cattle show in October.


He’s getting even bigger as he gets older. Fine hammies there, Disco.


3 thoughts on “Minty, Soccer Pitch, Disco

  1. curiousfarmer says:

    Does the cattle industry in France financially support the nice buildings pictured? Or does the rest of the farm, wine, off-farm job, etc.? That is a beautiful cattle shed, and quite a well-muscled bull. Minty’s cute too!

  2. Jean Curtis says:

    Oh yes, lead with a cute MInty pic. good one! My little baby is growing up! she’s our little farmer.

  3. bc says:

    In short I don’t have any definitive answer. In general they don’t support those buildings, but there are cases where they work with the banks to give cheap loans. The main example is for “young farmers” with a diploma in some farming course. If you are one of those you get some startup funds and priority for all sorts of things, especially land purchase. For details in French see:

    There are grants for some buildings (i.e. free cash) but I don’t know the details. I think it is one of those things that has it times. A few years ago you could get a free modern barn by allowing the electric company to make the roof out of solar panels. A few took advantage of that and I think now it is gone.

    Often with these things you have to use some form of registered builder to install which chews up the cash. It is the French equivalent of the pork barrel, where they fund a poor area through farming subsidies rather than other projects.

    Here nearly all herds are inside for several months over winter so there are a lot of cowsheds. We have one with the old chain system that holds 44 mother cows plus some regular cattle pens. to hold the heifers and young bulls. We don’t use the old shed, but we do use the pens if we have to isolate the bulls or an injured cow.

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