Dead bunny society

Warning: there really is half a dead bunny in one of the photos below. Those who think that bunnies are cute house pets and not food should stop reading this post and look here instead to see the photo of the bunnies next to the bunny slipper.

Regenerating pasture, with clouds.


What does a dog do when her food supply has been restricted and she’s a stomach with a leg at each corner? She looks for a rabbit near the woodshed.


Then she eats it to add protein to her regular meals.


Legend the pup ended up with the bunny remains after Tosca was done eating them and rolling in them. The piranhas got cheap cat food.


Lefty, who is a young Salers heifer and may be a lead cow one day, shows the way to the afternoon’s new slice of lucerne.


The vine mountains are still on the farm. One day they’ll be burnt and I can get on with cleaning up those paddocks and seeding something for next year.

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