Farm links with an emphasis on cattle pens

I am jealous of Zephyr Hill’s headgate.

Matron of Husbandry looking at her year of rotational grazing. I really like her posts on grazing on her farm.

We’re designing a very simple pen system (with a chute and a headgate) and the best of the documents we have looked at is this one on low-stress cattle working facilities from North Dakota State.

In France you usually buy French materials, like the stuff they have at Pasdelou Galva.

And some spider webs on the pasture:


2 thoughts on “Farm links with an emphasis on cattle pens

  1. Susan Lea says:

    We’re glad you like our headgate! Thanks for the link to the low-stress cattle working facilities. Our head gate isn’t hydraulic, but we use pears, feed, and chin-scratching (not that last one for Sara!) to try to make it low stress. 🙂

    Reading Matron of Husbandry’s post, I’m half inspired, half intimidated! Maybe we have been making the electric fencing too complicated . . . We’ll have to rethink that.

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