Farming links with a focus on cattle yards

Australians don’t say corral, they say cattle yards. And when you link Australia and a Bud Box you get this example of loading cattle onto a truck from Grahame Rees where they cram themselves in. He calls it a Bud Pen instead of a Bud Box. Low-stress stockmanship also made it onto the Landline show on ABC TV (Australia) a couple of years back.

Some Australian yard designs from National Stockyard Systems.

An article in The Cattleman that talks about corral efficiency including some comments on curved versus straight races.

A fancy CAD diagram of a French squeeze chute (although this one doesn’t squeeze).

I’m getting a ton of annual ryegrass shooting up on the farm. The University of Maryland has done a cool factsheet on annual ryegrass.

It has been a warm and dry year so far in France. Still, we have some nicely fed heifers.


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