More barn roofing work

The old stone barn sits inside the less old cinder block barn. There are only two walls left of it, but they are interesting.


Moss growing on top of the old stone wall where the roof had blown off a couple of years back.


This is no job for people with vertigo.


The first cut hay is in there. If I had the right fork attachment I could get a third layer on top.


How to carry new tiles up to the roof without hurting your shoulders. Those are concrete telegraph poles supporting the roof joists.


Jan on the roof. He comes well recommended. If you want to contact him drop me some mail (bc at and I’ll send you his contact details. P1020473

The hole in the roof of the hay barn. Our house is in the background.


There’s a nice view from up on the hay barn roof. Here is the herd out in the Florida paddock, so named for the new construction house just at its limit. The barn in the foreground is the wood shed that is full of old vine posts. Yes the roof needs work. No it isn’t on the top of the work list yet.


OK enough writing; back to fencing.

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