Still watching the grass

The cows are in Sleepy Hollow. It has a small seasonal stream and a pond, it is in a valley so it gets fertility washed down from above and it has a history of being a pasture rather than a cereal field or a vineyard. This helps give it the most lush grass on the farm. The cows are here in the most lush part of the most lush paddock.


We’re working on getting the quality of the rest of the grass to move closer to this, and also working on improving Sleepy Hollow itself. It’ll take a while.

There’s a wild pea that grows well there. I thought it was birdsfoot trefoil (lotier) but I have a ton of that elsewhere and this one has its leaves more elongated. It will be flowering soon and maybe I can identify the exact plant once I see the flowers and seeds.


The density of grass is much higher than last year. Having some rain helps. And we even have a few poppies near the farmhouses.


7 thoughts on “Still watching the grass

  1. Wes says:

    Those are corn poppies. They make an excellent liquor. Cold soak the petals (just the red part) in vodka for a few weeks. Remove leaves and sweeten with a fair amt of sugar. It makes the most beautiful and tasty red liquor that is a great addition to many drinks. Use it like you would grenadine.

  2. bc says:

    Hey curiousfarmer, yeah that paddock is nuts with dense grass. The rest of the pasture is nowhere near that quality, but it is better than last year.

  3. bc says:

    Wes, that sounds awesome but we have no vodka. We do have armagnac made on the farm, maybe that would work with poppies? We also have sloe berries to go with gin, but there’s no gin either.

  4. Wes says:

    Worth a shot. It’s a medium subtle flavor so it might get lost in the armagnac.

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