The cows are in Sleepy Hollow and the grass there has a fair bit of variation. At the bottom of the paddock the grass is in more shadow and is young and bright. 


At the top of the paddock it has received more sun, further matured and gone somewhat to seed.


But the cows don’t munch on the top of long grass like this. They dig into the sward. A bit under the seedheads is a lot of fine leafy stuff.


Way at the bottom you can’t see the old soil surface for the new worm casings. This is what people like Greg Judy mean when they talk about worms building soil. There’s a layer of worm casings that are all new this spring. Note that Sleepy Hollow is in the best shape of all the permanent pastures – the others aren’t at this level of wormvana yet.



And since the Agricultrix has taunted me with that awful Break My Stride song, I need to reply with something both grasspunk and boy. Here it is: The Offspring

A perfect song to sing when working with cows. You gotta keep ‘em separated.

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