Wormvana is living up to its name

The herd was in Sleepy Hollow last week.


The fertility there is high enough to be a paradise for worms – wormvana.


Even though it is still the middle of winter, the worms are out doing their thing.


In the poorer, moss-ridden parts of the paddock the worms are fighting the good fight, improving the quality and pH of the soil


Some grasses will seed here this spring and overall this spot will improve year by year. Go worms!


Twistie’s opinion counts. She approves of Sleepy Hollow.


3 thoughts on “Wormvana is living up to its name

  1. Auburn Meadow Farm says:

    Ha – saw this in my reader and was confused for a minute. Didn’t remember posting that picture of my cows… then realized no, it’s your Salers, lol. That all looks exactly like my farm & herd. Same worms and everything, lol.

    But I see a black one in there… is that a cross or do they just appear now & then?

  2. grasspunk says:

    Hello Jackie, the black one is a Salers too. They come in black, although a lot of farmers don’t like the black color. The story is you need to have one black cow to keep you safe from storms. Right now we have a black cow (Blackie Onassis), heifer calf (Hot 100), steer (Gwar) and bull (Gremlin). We’ll see if we get any more black animals this year. We haven’t had any major storms so I guess we should thank Blackie for that.

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