All day long I chew and moo

Cow 78 has just walked into the new slice of lucerne. There’s no back fencing here so the white post has no wire on it. It will be picked up and stored on the side when I’m done taking photographs.


The untouched lucerne is on the left, the eaten end trodden-on part is on the right.


Some uneaten lucerne.


Some eaten lucerne, trodden down by the herd. This decays fast and builds up fertility in the soil.


The herd on the new section.


The post title comes from Hi-5’s illustrious Charli, “All day long I chew and moo.”

2 thoughts on “All day long I chew and moo

  1. bc says:

    Thanks. I keep a little orange camera in my pocket and try to take some shots each day and put them online. Some of them deserve some discussion, some are better as just pictures with little text. There’s usually a story or two happening each day.

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