Brown Cows

The French call Salers rouge or red. I guess it is the same way red Angus and North Devons are ‘red’. They look brown to me.

This is Old Girl, who isn’t the oldest girl in the herd but that’s become her name. She looks good for an old girl of 16. Calve soon, please.


Cows, trees.


Large brown bovines eating their way across the farm.



And Gremlin, the young black bull.


2 thoughts on “Brown Cows

  1. Susan Lea says:

    What a lovely, peaceful existence they have just calmly eating their way across the farm. No wonder their beef tastes great!

    By the way, we are getting our heifer Siobhan AI’d to Serenity Oak Farm Taco, a dun bull who carries red. He also throws mostly heifers. I’ll be very interested to see what we’ll get since Siobhan is black and carries red. Dexter breeders call them “red.” Dexters are apparently the only breed with a dun gene; to me the duns look “brown.” I guess “dun” sounds so much better than “brown.” Although “How now dun cow” just doesn’t have the same ring! 🙂

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