Cows, tortoise, kitten, roast pork

Cow 007 wants to eat weeds. You go, girl!


Blackie Onassis getting the greener grass.


It’s a turtle! No, it’s a tortoise! Reptile?


Grass, legumes, weeds, nom, nom, nom.


Vicious intrepid barn kitten hunts wild roast pig leg.


One thought on “Cows, tortoise, kitten, roast pork

  1. Susan Lea says:

    I love how the cows go down on their knees to reach under the fence for the greener grass with a whole lovely green paddock behind them.

    One day as we were driving along, I was DYING for my camera. Not to be indelicate, but a cow had gone on her knees to reach under the fence, and the bull decided to seize the opportunity, so to speak. I could not believe I didn’t have my camera! I could just see that as one of those humorous photo greeting cards; I could have sold it to Hallmark and made my fortune! 😀 So instead of retiring rich, I just have to chuckle to myself about it when something like your photo brings it to mind.

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