Hanging out by Lake Emerson

Like a lot of cows, Salers like to hide out in the trees. At the lake end of the Emerson paddock there are a few large trees and a pile of blackberries making a nice little cow cubby.


Each time the herd is in there I tell myself to get the broyeur on the tractor and hammer the stuff away, but there are always more important things.


We’ve had a couple of warm days and the herd spends the warm part dozing in here. The days are so long at the moment that they have time for several naps.P1040360

A neighbor is an officer of the local chasse and he has built a little hide somewhere in here. He uses it to shoot palombe in season. We’re happy to let him do this, since his crew shoots foxes that eat our chickens and trap the occasional savage wild dog.


The girls (and Gremlin the bull) are now in Florida starting this morning, which has some trees but not the private shelter that Emerson has. They’ll be back here in a few weeks.

One thought on “Hanging out by Lake Emerson

  1. Susan Lea says:

    Too bad they’re not dairy cows–you could have fresh milk and blackberries right in the field! We’ve gotten quite a few blackberries along our creek bed even though it’s dry. I guess your Salers have enough thick hair they aren’t bothered by the thorns.

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