Chopping into the sunset

I was mowing the Alaska paddock and as the evening wore on the sun dropped to the point where it started shining in my eyes. This was irritating, but the layout of the paddock is East-West so to keep my mowing efficient I had to stare into the sun.


The sun kept lowering until it hid behind the trunk of a tree at the edge of the farm.


There’s a hole where the trunk splits and merges, so the sun shines through the tree at that spot.


And the flail chopper (marteau broyeur, or broyeur a axe horizontale) is working again now with new belts and a tube of grease on its various moving parts. Yay! It is a Perfect ZKZ 180 made by Van Wamel and is built like a tank. It is my favorite tractor tool. Besides, that paddock had been getting out of control and needed to be cut down to size.

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