When Elfie takes a break, she totally rests

We’re used to seeing cows lie on the ground in the day, resting with their heads up. Not Elf: she likes to get fully relaxed. The first time we saw this we thought she was dead.


She’s putting on weight well, as you can see from the belly. She has a cool set of horns that drop and point forward. And she still likes attention.


Despite being in with the Salers for several months now, the Mirandaise still seem to hang out when they eat. These are the two-year-olds Etamine, Elite, Elfie and Elusa.

Below you can see the whole herd on a new slice of lucerne. You can see the wire and step-in posts across the paddock. This one is called the Soccer Pitch, because it is roughly the same size and shape as a soccer pitch.


Legend the Patou is growing up. He’s as tall as Tosca but about half the weight.


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