Heifer 10 shows how green the grass is on the other side

This is heifer 10, who puts on condition well and is one of my favorites. Because of our hot and cold changeable weather, she’s only halfway through losing her winter fur.


Time to scratch on the water tank.


And select some fine grass from the other side of the fence.


Taking the shot a little lower you can see there’s definitely taller, less eaten grass over there. 


We run a tall grazing system, although it isn’t that tall. The paddocks end up with an amount of old, dry grass in it that the cows are supposed to eat to balance out the rich newer stuff. You can see in this photo that the older grass is eaten along with the newer stuff, whether by choice or not. 


The cows do a nice job of cleaning under the fences. From a distance the Florida paddock looks brown, but as the herd moves across eating away it exposes the fresh grass underneath and it looks green. You can see the difference between the untouched Florida 3 on the right of the fence and the partially eaten Florida 4 on the left.


Maybe it looks a little greener on the other side.

2 thoughts on “Heifer 10 shows how green the grass is on the other side

  1. Jean Curtis says:

    At this time of year when the grass is long under the fence line, the electric fence gets a little stronger with each bite. What a clean fence line!

  2. Susan Lea says:

    That’s a great shot of Heifer 10 with all the flowers. The grass may be greener on the other side, but the bouquet is on her side!

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