While fixing some fence wire I saw…

Thanks to the Agricultrix’s brush cutting efforts we now have a fence that runs nice and hot. But there was collateral damage and we lost a couple of bits of wire that had to be patched. A sunny afternoon walking the wire? Time for some photos.

It feels like we’ve only just baled the lucerne yet the second cut is in bud already.

Believe it or not this is better than most of the old wire hacks on the farm. Usually there a whole knot of wire on each side but it only touches in one tiny place. This one has the wire tails tied back to add more contact points. One day all these will be gone as we upgrade the wire, but for now this is what is holding in the herd.

This is one of mine with more contact points. This is where they broke out a few months ago and ate the neighbor’s veggie patch.


The border of Soccer Pitch (left) and Florida (right). The lucerne of Soccer Pitch is green since it was mowed and baled. Florida is brown from the small percentage of grass left standing after the last graze six weeks ago that grew tall and went to seed. Under there it is green.

Some birdsfoot trefoil showing its seed pods. I saw these last fall as the legumes started to appear. It is odd looking back at that post to see the state of the pastures back then and compare them to now. We’ll see how they look this fall after the next couple of hot months.

Then there’s this mystery grass. Meadow Foxtail? Timothy? It is just beginning to come in to flower now so I’d guess Timothy. I don’t recall seeing this last year and now there are patches growing in most paddocks.

I’m all for diversity of species in the diet of cows so it is good to see another choice for them to eat.

2 thoughts on “While fixing some fence wire I saw…

  1. Susan Lea says:

    Your mystery grass reminds me of the broad-leaf plantains (not the banana kind) we have around here. Apparently it has use as human food and herbal. I always thought their plume was a pretty poor excuse for a flower!

    I now feel better about some of our fences that we inherited. After all, you do what you can, and you do the rest when you can!

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