Huggy Bear likes to nap in peace

The latest calf born on the farm is called Huggy Bear. There aren’t many photos of him because he’s hard to find. It isn’t just that he’s small and dozes a lot, it is because he naps away from the herd in an adjacent paddock and we just can’t find him.

Neither can Old Girl, his Mom.


The first day he was born he snuck off into the orchard to sleep. That evening Old Girl brought down some fences trying to find him and the herd escaped from Soccer Pitch and out onto the Newman lucerne field. This would be OK except there are no fences between Newman and the road and the lucerne was three feet high and ready to cut.

Jean and I were just sitting down outside to enjoy the late evening light with a glass of wine when Jean sees the herd trotting out of their paddock, squishing the lucerne and heading to the road. So we race down in a panic and shepherd (cowherd?) them back in and patch up the fence. We can’t find Huggy Bear. Next morning I visit at first light and there he is, less than a day old and hanging out with his Mom like nothing happened.

A day or so later we move the herd over to Sleepy Hollow and Huggy Bear is not around. He shows up a few hours later. This pattern continues every day with the little guy napping in some other place and his Mom getting fussy as she wants to feed but can’t find her calf. In the photo above she’s looking for him, calling out.

Here he is in one of the rare times he’s with the herd. He gets his ear tags the next time the herd are by the yards in about two weeks.


2 thoughts on “Huggy Bear likes to nap in peace

  1. Susan Lea says:

    When my mare foaled six years ago, Brandy was just like Huggy Bear. Angel was not as good a mom as Old Girl, though. She once grazed her way across a 40-acre field (where I boarded her) with the herd, leaving baby Brandy asleep under the trees clear across the field. Brandy actually rolled under a fence on more than one occasion and got away from her mother, even went and bonded with a buckskin mare that was there to be bred. Since Brandy is a buckskin and Angel wasn’t very maternal, I guess Brandy assumed that mare was her mother! They gave us quite a few headaches between them. I do hope Huggy Bear will hug his mother’s side a lot closer now, and maybe you’ll get to enjoy your evening glasses of wine again!

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