Hay ya!

It is time for the second cut of hay. The lucerne planting here is old, but it comes out nice and pure in the second cutting. Now if I can just get two more days of sunshine to finish off the drying!


The Renault is doing well and I haven’t yet driven it dry of gas in the middle of the field. That’s an improvement over last year. This paddock is Newman, so named for its mail box.


Newman’s borders are crooked, so the rows are crooked. It isn’t my driving, honest!


I’m always fascinated by the patina on farm machinery. Some of the metal on the underside of the mower gets polished clean, other parts are more sunken and accumulate dirt and squished grass. The protruding short mower blade still has a little orange paint on it, but there are scars from the occasional bit of rock or vine that gets hit.


And you have to sing something related while making hay.

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